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In 1993 Abernyte joined with four other villages in the Carse of Gowrie to form the Inchture Area Twinning Association. The chosen twinning partner was Fleac, situated on the beautiful river Charente, near Angouleme in South-western France. Fleac.jpg

 In October 1993 a party of 63 Scots travelled to France for their first taste of Fleacois hospitality. On a bright sunny morning they gathered with the folk of Fleac outside the lovely Hotel de Ville for signing of the Twinning Charter. The following year in October, some 90 French friends paid a return visit for the signing of the charter in Scotland.

Since then there have been numerous exchanges, both official and unofficial.

twinning_emblem.jpgThe raspberry and the grape have been adopted as emblems of Inchture Area and Fleac respectively, symbolizing soft-fruit growing in the Carse of Gowrie and cognac of the Charente.

Like our community area, the commune of Fleac is situated on both sides of a very busy main road. On one side is the old village with shops, an ancient Romanesque church, Mairie (Town hall), the primary school, sheltered retirement homes and Sports Centre. The Mairie has beautiful gardens and a shady tree-covered path leading down to the river Charente, a lovely place to walk or cycle.

There are lots of new houses on both sides of the main road, but on the north side the country roads wind through this gently rolling countryside with its ancient farmhouses, Roman gateways, and vineyards. Like our area, the land round Fleac is largely agricultural, but most younger people commute to work in Angouleme. The secondary schools are there too.

A group from Inchture and Abernyte area were invited to Fleac in Oct 2012 where a fantastic time was had due to the warmth of the welcome and generosity of the people in Fleac. 

August 2013 saw a visit of friends from Fleac to Inchture and Abernyte where a packed programme of events culminated in a wonderful ceilidh on the SS Unicorn in Dundee harbour.  
Anyone living in this area is welcome to join the Twinning Association. There is no annual subscription or fee. You certainly don't need to be a fluent French speaker! The only cost of involvement is your time!

The Twinning Association have their own Facebook page which you can visit here: faceboak logo

For further information on Twinning contact one of the committee members:

Jane Woodford 686371(Chairperson) 01828 686371

Suki Stobbs 01828 686444

Norma Nicoll 01828 686677

Trefor Woodford  01828 686371

Louise Klaassen  01828 686711

Tina Wilson 01828 686784

Robin Churchill 01828 687907

David Littlejohn 01828 686918

Inchture Area Twinning invite you to join us for:

“Déjeuner sur l’herbe 2016” – A French Picnic lunch for all the family – especially on Father’s Day (no dogs please)

Sunday 19th June, 12.30 pm at Outfield Farm, Abernyte




Adults £8.00, children (5 – 16 years) £4.00


Family ticket £20.00, under 5s free

Ticket includes Aperitif, a French style 3 course picnic lunch and squash to drink. 


Beer, wine and other soft drinks available to purchase


Tennis court on site – bring a racquet


Although this is billed as an outdoor event (bring a picnic rug and a warm jacket!), tables will be set up inside

Tickets for this event are available from:

Jane & Trefor Woodford 01828 686371, Louise Klaassen 01828 686711, Tina Wilson 01828 686784, Norma Nicoll 01828 686677, Morag Neville 07796 008254 Suki Stobbs 01828 686444, David Littlejohn 01828 686918    E mail enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twinning Association


Inchture Area Twinning Association was formed 22 years ago.  A group of people from the Inchture area went to Fléac to witness the signing of a charter in which we agreed to foster friendship and encourage visits between our communities.

Since that weekend many friendships have flourished, and last year, Duncan Mure from Inchture married Emmanuelle Neau from Fléac.

In June this year a group of primary school children from Fléac and their teachers came to experience a week in Inchture and Abernyte Primary schools.  A big thank you to everyone who hosted the French children, their parents and teachers.

The Twinning Committee welcomed them all at a Barbeque in Abernyte.  One night we ran a very animated “Haggis drive” at Inchture Primary School to encourage bilingual language and numeracy skills.

It was a hilarious, noisy and competitive evening as we rolled the dice and learnt the French names for the Haggis’ body, head, legs and feelers!

Over the years we have welcomed a student/young person from Fléac to live in this area and improve their language skills by living with Twinning committee families and gaining local work experience at Inchture Hotel.

This year our ‘stagiaire’ is Emma Dumergue, the granddaughter of the former mayor of Fléac, M. Jean Dumergue.  Some of us will remember our visits to his distillery where he produces the local delicacy, ‘Pineau de Charente’ – wine fortified with cognac. 

While he was mayor, M. Dumergue helped to set up Twinning partnerships, the first between Fléac and Marktbreit in Bavaria, and later with Inchture Area. He has always been keen to support our links, and revive the Auld Alliance with Scotland.

Next year, Fléac and Marktbreit will celebrate 30 years of Twinning…  and we’re invited!

Families in Fléac will give us free accommodation. It should be a brilliant weekend. We’ll hold a planning meeting after Christmas, but please tell us as soon as possible, this year, so we can let the French have an idea how many host families they’ll need to find.

The celebration weekend is from Thursday 25th August to Monday 29th August 2016.  Put these dates into your diary and let the Twinning Committee know if you’d like to come.

More details in the Spring 

20th Anniversary Twinning visit to Inchture Area, 22 – 27 August 2013
In this visit we welcomed 56 visitors from Fléac and 11 from Marktbreit.  On the evening of Thursday 22nd August we all gathered at Inchture Primary School to meet our guests, they were piped off the bus by local piper Jan Van Outrive-Wilkie.  Those of us who had hosted before were especially delighted to meet some new hosts for this our 20th Anniversary visit.
The Friday programme for our visitors was packed to say the least, we had so much that we wanted to show our visitors.  One group went to The Hutton Institute for their very informative tour in French and English and the other group went to Scotherbs at Longforgan where we were very warmly welcomed by The Wilson Family.  We were met by the most wonderful aromas of freshly picked herbs as we toured the packing area and we all looked gorgeous in our health and safety white coats and hair nets.  We learnt all about the business from the very start until the present day and we toured the fields and tunnels to see the growing process in action.  Visitors to Mackies Foods
The 2 groups then met up at Mackies at Taypack near Errol which is home to a massive crisp operation who export globally.  This factory had been recently opened by John Swinney MSP as it had just relocated from Inchture.  We were given a tour of the pre-production area, the production and packaging areas and the warehouse.  We were then presented with goody bags on departure and there was much crisp munching on the bus as we headed to Cairn O’ Mohr.
The groups were then treated to a winery tour and a well earned lunch.  The groups found out how Carin O’Mohr go about their fruit wine production (non alcoholic as well as alcoholic), using local fruits picked in The Carse.  Throughout this Anniversary visit we were drinking their produce!
We were then delighted with the attendance of lots of hosts and local supporters of twinning at The Inchture Hotel where we were presenting our Exhibition and Conference on “The impact of climate change on our communities, and what we can do about it”.  We have to thank Steph Barton of The Inchture Hotel and then our exhibitors and special guests for their attendance and contribution to this very successful afternoon: John Swinney MSP, Ian Hudghton MEP, Graham Blythe from The European Commission, Councillors Mac Roberts, Douglas Pover and Gordon Walker.  We also have to thank our speakers without whom the afternoon would not have been possible: Fiona Ross speaking about The Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group, Dr. Rex Brennan from The Hutton Institute talking about climate effects on blackcurrants, Lina Dupuis from Fléac talking about the impact of climate change and adaptation of the cognac vineyards, Marlies Thein from Marktbreit with her subject matter of Locks and the link between canals, rivers and methane production, Alison Ramsay from The Braes of The Carse Conservation Group taking about  climate change and our community.  At the end there was a discussion and question and answer session between our special guests, speakers and the audience, we must also thank our translator Joseph Khazaka.  We must also thank our Exhibition Contributors and The Junior Carsonians with Head teacher Mrs Khazaka from Abernyte Primary School.
Cutting the Fleac cake
The day did not end there!  We then went to Abernyte Primary School and met members of their Eco Group.  The twinning committee laid on a BBQ for hosts and guests.  During the evening the Inchture Area Twinning committee were delighted to receive a very practical gift from The Fléac committee – a sturdy outside bench, which the children were delighted to be sitting on.  We then remembered the life of Marjorie Moreau, the original President of The Fléac twinning association, by planting a tree in her honour.  It was then very touching as Lina Dupuis spoke about Marjorie and asked the children to sprinkle some soil taken from Marjorie’s garden into the pot with the tree.
Saturday was designed to introduce our guests to some local culture and flavours.  We organised workshops for Scottish dancing, Scottish cookery and offered an urban landscape walk with great views of The Carse and Perth and a country and historical landscape walk around Dunsinane Hill.  The cookery class had then prepared the most delicious traditional soup, Cullen Skink and also a  vegetarian alternative, with a selection of local cheeses from Provender Brown, Perth, and some cold meats.  The Inchture village hall was then filled with chatter and noise as everyone sat at traditional trestle tables and found out how each other’s mornings had gone.  Lunch could have gone on all day but The Hosts came to take their guests away to show them some more local culture and flavours – whether it was to visit a local Highland Games with traditional pipe bands, a visit to a local Scottish beer festival where they had specially named a beer ‘The Auld Alliance’ or whether it was visits further afield to the likes of St. Andrews.
Our local Church of Scotland ministers traditionally welcome twinning guests to their services on the Sunday mornings.  Those who wanted to went along to Inchture Church on Sunday where Alison Jack involved them in the service.
On the Sunday evening it was all aboard The Frigate Unicorn in Dundee for our Gala Dinner where we were delighted to have as our special guests the French Deputy Consul Emeline Javierre and The Honorary Consul for Dundee area Donald Gordon.  It took a while for some guests to come aboard as they were all lining the quayside to listen to our piper Sandy Smith, a veteran of many trips to Fléac! We were treated to some fantastic music from The Collegium Musicale group from Marktbreit lead by Astrid Eitschberger.  This group of young musicians delivered a superb programme of music including familiar pieces to us all.  We listened to the main speeches from Jane Woodford and Lina Dupuis, the Presidents of Inchture Area and Fléac twinning and some words of thanks from Guy Etienne Mayor of Fléac, Erich Hegwein Mayor of Marktbreit and Marlies Thein President of Marktbreit twinning.  Gifts were exchanged, delicious food was eaten (our guests were very interested to see the Hog Roast we had aboard!) and the ceilidh dancing commenced. The Orwell Ceilidh Band based in Inchture provided fantastic music to dance to Rosalie Van Outrive-Wilkie must have been delighted to see how well her pupils were dancing after the Scottish dancing class on Saturday morning.  All too soon it was time for Auld Lang Syne.
We have a lot to thank Perth and Kinross Council for in facilitating our visit.  On the Monday  morning groups were taken on a walking tour of Perth by Council guides.  We are especially grateful to Provost Liz Grant for hosting a Civic Reception on the Monday in a suite in The Perth Concert Hall building.  After the official speeches there was a great series of photos outside with The Provost and The Mayors from Fléac and Marktbreit holding their gifts from Liz Grant. Provost of Perth with the Mayors
 All the guests enjoyed the Civic Reception very much and we are also very indebted to Elizabeth Harrison of Kinnaird who made our special and very delicious Anniversary cake which was cut and shared out at the Reception.  The visitors were then whisked off to Scone Palace where they enjoyed a bilingual tour of the Palace and grounds and a lovely cup of tea and shortbread in the old kitchen.
We drew our celebrations to a close chez Mr and Mrs Khazaka who kindly offered up a reception room in their house for our closing speeches and a final performance from The Collegium Musicale Group.  All 3 twinning groups showed everyone the gifts they had received and we enjoyed an aperitif offered by The Mairie in Fléac.  This was our last real get together before the departures the following day.  A good time was had by all and we look forward to future trips to Fléac and Marktbreit as well as receiving their citizens back here.
To enjoy the photos put together by the visitors from Fléac please click here.
For a link to our MEP Ian Hudghton, click here

The Inchture Area Twinning Association is in its 21st year and still going strong! Future events include two exciting trips detailed below.

As most of you are aware, the five villages of Abernyte, Ballindean, Inchture, Kinnaird, and Rait  are twinned with a big village/community called Fléac in the Charente region of France, not far from Cognac.

Exchange visits are great fun and we have been invited to Fléac in 2015 – possibly in October.

This is a great opportunity to participate in an organised visit and we receive excellent hospitality in the homes of our hosts and share their culture and cuisine for a few days.

Our recent “Déjeuner sur l’herbe”/ picnic lunch held in Abernyte in June, was blessed with sunny weather and we had a good turnout of friends. We also welcomed some new families, and it was good to see people who had recently moved into the area coming to find out more about us and our aims.

After the AGM, a splendid lunch was served and enjoyed by all. French music played, chat ensued and everyone remarked how much they had enjoyed themselves.

Another facet of Twinning, is to promote friendships between school pupils from both areas. Next year in June, a group of primary school children from the local school in Fléac will be visiting our hosting Abernyte and Inchture schools.

This is a wonderful chance for children to practise their French and English and many lasting friendships are forged between pupils and also parents!

At present the committee is host to Pierre André, a young French student from Linars, a village on the outskirts of Fléac. Pierre is here for four weeks and is working part time at the Inchture Hotel. He is here to experience working and living in Scotland and to improve his English skills.

Pierre’s sister, Marielle was here two years ago and enjoyed her time here so much that she recommended the experience to her brother! Marielle still keeps in touch, telling us of her social life and her studies, and says she remembers her time with us fondly.

Pierre has taken a few moments to tell you first hand of his time here so far.

pierre-andre-linarHello! My name is Pierre ANDRE and I come from France, near Fléac. I am in Scotland because of the Twinning between Fléac and the community of Inchture. I’m really enjoying my stay in this country.....Everywhere is so green! People are very friendly.

During four weeks this summer, different families in the Twinning will take me in their homes. I want to thank them because they give me the chance to visit and to discover their region. The goal of this travel is on one hand to improve my English, and on the other, to work in the Inchture Hotel. So I do this exchange to meet people and learn about Scotland.

My sister, Marielle, came here to stay two years ago and she really enjoyed her stay. Last year one of my friends, Céline, also came to Scotland with the Twinning and she told me to do this travel because, “ It’s very different to France.” 

I agree it's a different way to live. I have now visited the East coast around St.Andrews, Perth and the Inchture Area. My stay isn't finished, so there are still many things to discover. At the moment, I am staying in Kinnaird with Trefor and Jane Woodford at the Pottery. Today she helped me to make some pottery.

I'm really enjoying my stay in Scotland, and I hope more and more young people from Fléac will come and experience life in Scotland.

If you would like to know more about twinning and have a query or are perhaps new to the area please contact any committee member. 


2013 is the 20th Anniversary of the Inchture Area Twinning Association.  
We are lucky to be Twinned with Fléac which is nestled in a most beautiful area of south west France.
Fléac is situated in the Charente, not far from Cognac. We will be hosting celebration events over the weekend of August 22nd – 27th to which all are invited.  As we are expecting a group of about 100 French people, we are looking for host families to offer hospitality from Thursday evening till the French depart on Tuesday morning. Some will be families coming to Scotland for the first time so it’s really important that we welcome our guests and offer what we do best – warm hospitality, friendship and good fun.
If you feel you would like to be part of the celebrations, please contact anyone on the Committee to find out more.  We will give more information about what is required nearer the time. Local churches and schools will also have some information about the celebrations.
Our final fundraiser before we host our guests in this special year will be a Curry Ceilidh on March 2nd at Inchture Village Hall. There will be curry (of course!) dancing and a bar.  Last year’s was a great success and if you missed it, you now have the opportunity to join us!  Tickets will be available from any Committee member and look out for the posters.
Hope to see you there.
Committee Contact Details:
Jane Woodford 686371(Chairperson) 01828 686371
Trefor Woodford  01828 686371
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Suki Stobbs 01828 686444
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Norma Nicoll 01828 686677
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