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20th November 2014.

24  Members and Guests in attendance





Presidents Report

   The President, Anne Davies, could not attend due to family matters so in her absence, Malcolm McSwan, chaired the meeting in her absence and  gave a brief summary of the years activities,and thanked the committee and the community for their continuing support.


Treasurers Report

    Yve Duncan presented the annual accounts for the Year to 31st October 2014. She explained the various entries and answered a number of questions. The Accounts were unanimously approved by the meeting. A copy of the accounts is attached to these minutes.


Election of Office Bearers

   All of the office bearers were available for re-election and they were re-elected.




Scrap Book.

 The community should continue to let Yve Duncan  have any press cuttings and other information concerning Abernyte.


The Quiet Revolution

There are now only a handful of copies remaining from our original print run. After discussion it was agreed to investigate generating an electronic copy and selling it through the website.





Parish Walk.

 The annual walk is planned to be held in April 2015. It is hoped that Phil Lacoux will again lead .



It is planned to continue holding the BBQ on the first Friday of the school Autumn term.


Mary Young Memorial Lecture

   This is planned for Thursday 19th March 2015 and the speaker will be Dr Finlay Dale. A full notice will be issued nearer the time.



Community Mapping Project

Norman Alm brought the meeting up to date with this project and issued forms for each householder to start the process of establishing the history of individual properties.


The following minutes record joint reports /activities of both AHG and ACC





Malcolm McSwan advised that the committee of AHG and the directors of ACC had both discussed the future of the two organisations and had come to the conclusion that they would recommend to the community that the two organisations should merge.

  He outlined the reasoning behind this recommendation which included

·         AHG had met its original purpose and objective of providing a platform and binding the community together

·         The ACC structure or something similar was now a requirement of funders and statutory bodies to prove that the organisation represented the community.

·         The objectives of both organisations were very similar in that they were both trying to further the interests of the community .

·         The President of AHG , Anne Davies , and the Secretary , Malcolm McSwan, had both served many years , particularly Anne Davies, and they wished to hand over their responsibilities in an orderly and positive way.

·         Both organisations want to encourage the involvement of the younger members of the community, and a new body may do this better without the possible constraints of the past.


  The meeting then discussed the recommendation with general agreement that it should be implemented .

      It was proposed that a working group of two representatives from each organisation should work over the coming months to prepare a plan and constitution for the merged organisation . They should consult widely with the objective of bringing to the 2015 AGM’s a  proposal for ratification  so that the new organisation takes over after that meeting.

      There was some discussion on names, finance etc, but it was agreed that no constraints should be put on the working group other than acting in the best interest of the community of Abernyte.



           Barry Caudwell gave a presentation and outlined the progress in the past year.

A committee has been set up to manage the Walk and co ordinate activities.



   Stephen Hole reported that the collective Oil Purchase scheme was operating successfully and had nine new members since the last meeting.



  Stephen also reported on the continuing popularity of the e-mail service. Some discussion took place on the possibility of using Facebook, as the younger members were generally users. This was agreed as a good idea to take forward and demonstrated support for the encouragement of younger participants.


Stephen was thanked by the meeting for his dedication to these two activities.



  Gerard McGoldrick summarised the difficulty presented by the falling numbers. Perth council were not actively proposing any change but the predicament had to be recognised. The meeting was fully supportive of any steps that can be taken to ensure the future of the School.



 Gordon Nicol reported that the activity on laying a fibre cable to Abernyte should result in better speeds. A switch on in early 2015 is anticipated. It was noted that the activity by the community following the last AGM was probably instrumental in getting the cable underway.



 Neil Gray addressed the meeting following recent thefts and possible actions were discussed. It was agreed that the Community Company would investigate a watch scheme and prepare proposals.



  Again the concerns of the meeting were heard and it was agreed that the community company would investigate possible action


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and a Pot Luck supper followed


Abernyte Coronavirus Support

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