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Abernyte Community Interest Company (ACIC)- 2020 AGM

Election of Board Members
No changes to current directors and office bearers, who remain Norman Alm, Ian Campbell, Barry Caudwell, Claudia Lacoux, Gordon Nicoll, Gerard Mcgoldrick, Malcom McSwan (Treasurer), Mary Shrimpton (Secretary), and Marianne White (Chair)

Treasurer report
Started 2020 with £3900 in bank, expenditure £600 this year, with included insurance and £192 on Christmas lights. Expect no further income this year. The accounts are available to view on

School report – Gerard Mcgoldrick
Over the past year the school moved from facing closure to nine new entrants expected in 2021. It is guaranteed to stay open for 5 years. The school parent council expressed thanks to the community for support during the campaign. The community is also grateful to Gerard, and all the parent council for their work on the campaign and continued work to sustain the school population.
ACTION: Stephen will put out comms regarding school

Heating Oil Collective – Stephen Hole
Increased from forty-four to fifty-five members which has meant the usual purchase of 115000 litres will increase to be ~130000 litres. Greater number of members and resulting increase in purchase reduces transport costs and increases negotiating power.
The collective request for ACIC to handle levy income, 2 instalments annually and make one payment p.a. to Smartsheet on behalf of the Abernyte Oil Heating Oil Collective (AHOC). The background to this request can be found in Appendix A of these minutes.
ACTION: Marianne will circulate proposal to directors by email for approval

Abernyte news – Gordon Nicoll
Abernyte News is now more than 10 years old and has around two hundred subscribers. ACIC expressed thanks to Gordon and Stephen for this work on this. Use of the Facebook page is growing.
Question for committee – should we continue to resist items for sale?
Agreed that there are enough avenues to advertise things for sale (Gumtree, FB Marketplace) and that the Newsletter should keep a more social/informative agenda.
Field Names of Abernyte – Stephen Hole
Stephen is undertaking a project to gather fields names – anyone who knows the names and how they have changed over the years, please let Stephen know. A future presentation for us to look forward to.
ADA the archive – Gordon Nicol
The archive is nearly complete and now working towards meeting new accessibility standards. During the pandemic there has been an increase in enquiries from people doing ancestor research.

Food Sharing App Olio – Liz Foubister
Liz let the group know about Olio which is a useful APP for food sharing as a means of reducing food waste and a major source of greenhouse gases. Facilitates the sharing of food within local communities and arrange drop off or pick up.
ACTION: Liz will share details with Stephen to distribute

Wildlife Corridors – Helen White
Helen presented the proposal to start using the open source GIS software - to map current land use and landowner plans, we will build on this to create a community plan for wildlife corridors, etc.. When we apply for funding will know where to use it and could tie in with Tayside biodiversity villages.
ACTION: Helen and Ruth Bowbeer will work together on this and keep us updated on progress and where input required

Tree Project – Ron Neville
Thanks to everyone who helped last years planting and have continued to support the trees by pushing the stakes in and straightening the tubes. Charlie Kinnoull has asked his fencing contractor to fence off an area for trees. Ron is discussing with him how this will be done to make most effective use of space and avoid rocks / steep outcrops etc. The proposal includes the installation of a bench. Options for planting are late Spring (when lockdown lifts) or Autumn.
ACTION: Ron and Cathy Caudwell will meet at the site to consider the proposal and how it can be best implemented to support the variety of flora and fauna on the site.

Chair’s Report – Marianne White
The past year has seen the following activities take place within the community:
● Covid-19 resilience group set up and run by Gordon, Malcolm and Norman and supported by many volunteers within the community.
● Entertaining Abernyte has brought online talks to the community including John Swinney’s journey into politics, Phil Lacoux’s journey in Antarctica, Freya Cumming’s Refurbishment of the Neonatal Unit, Parasites in South Africa, and the Abernyte Big Quiz In. Coming up are talks on 'Stress - what is it and how to cope' (Lindsay from Knapp); The True Story of the Origin of the Hippies (Norman Alm), and Keep the Cycle Going (Nicola Brown, Scottish Water). These talks have raised £620 so far for Dundee Bairns charity
● Many members of the community decorated Christmas windows to provide a walking tour of the village and surrounding area.
● Chess ladder has been started up with players taking part remotely
● The village had its first Christmas tree and lights
● Agreement with the school that the community can use the shed and toys at school for children’s activities out of school
The Mary Young Lecture from Pat Edger on Macintosh Patrick was cancelled. This will be rescheduled and delivered online in April / May as part of Entertaining Abernyte.
Norman Alm has a collection of what we were doing during lockdown and is happy to accept more contributions in the form of journals and written experiences of COVID-19.

Appendix A
Information on AHOC request provided by Stephen Hole
AHOC ,which has been active for over 10 years now, has 55 members in and around Abernyte. Its
purpose is to reduce fuel cost for members and reduce road tanker miles. It is currently a free
service to the community.
Until recently, my pre-retirement employer allowed me to use a licence for Smartsheet software
which I introduced to them. It is used for managing their export logistics and R&D activities.
However, they have now indicated that they would like to take back my licence for utilisation by
other members of staff.
We also used the Smartsheet software for managing the Abernyte Covid Virus Support group and
the recent BCCG consultation on PKC speed limit proposals in the Abernyte and the Carse.
The annual cost of a single user licence is $150 per annum (about £115).
To fund this in future, I propose to make it a condition of next year’s contract with the AHOC oil
supplier (June 2021 -May 2021), that the oil supplier pays ACIC 0.0015pence/litre bought by the
group. This should generate approximately £180 pa based on current consumption which will cover
Smartsheet costs plus any other AHOC incidentals and should leave a balance for ACIC.
This would enable the ACIC Covid Virus Support Group and AHOC to continue to operate as is. If any
other group within the Abernyte community wish to use its functionality to: manage events,
projects, gathering or sharing information etc, it would be free to do so up to the limits of the licence
and the needs of AHOC.
It would be appreciated if the ACIC is willing to receive the levy for AHOC and then pay for the
This year there may be a time lag between my existing employer disconnecting my access to the
service and levy income from the oil supplier; this will be due to the date of oil contract renewal.
I do not anticipate any problem, but should there be an issue with the oil supplier being unwilling to
contribute towards the cost of running AHOC (which of course would indirectly be funded by the
members by a 0.0015pence/litre reduction in their discount), I am willing to make good any shortfall
until an alternative system can be put in place.